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GregoryRamires (12)

I created this game with We made this game in our free time at university.
To play the RunningBalls you should run the code, use directional arrow key and press space bar to select an option, in the game you have to use the directional arrow key to move the black ball, your objective is to make as many points you can while avoiding red balls, picking blue balls will give you extra points.

SebastianCooke (13)

@GregoryRamires I think this needs to be in english please. But other than that it's great!

SebastianCooke (13)

@GregoryRamires You're welcome, come ask me anytime if you would need help with regular python!!

Steven_The_GuyT (227)

It's a little laggy, but it's great!

Sparkster (44)

It’s not letting me move
I know that I have to use the arrow keys and that is what I am doing

GregoryRamires (12)

Hello @Sparkster, somepeople are having this problem. After you start the game click at the game window and then use arrow keys to move.

Sparkster (44)

Make the balls movement a little faster. The black [email protected]