I maked Language
TheForArkLD (734)

i maked language.(name is DefLang,probably some users know.)
and i am very free now.
who can code my own language with me?
(and i need your opinion!)
And Can i add custom language to repl?
If i can do it then,how to add custom language to repl?
And it’s can use by Socket.io or package!
1st. Socket.io

var socket=io('https://deflserver.theforarkld.repl.co')
socket.emit('ferret',`program main;
end program`,(e)=>{
console.log(e) //Display : {result:'test\n',status:'success',image:false}

2nd. Package
If you use NodeJS then i want you use package.
Please Install DefLang Package By

npm install deflang
var defl=require('deflang')
console.log(defl(`program main;
echo test;
end program`)) //Display : test\n
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