#WEEKLY Password thingy!
CodingCactus (3190)


So the the challenge this week was to make a password saver/vault thingy so that you don't have to remember your passwords (yay!). It was actually really fun to make(no change there then) and I learnt some cool things along the way.

So, first you need to make an account (here) (please please please make sure that you are using it in a new tab or it will not work) then, you jump right in to the password making/saving fun (if you can't be bothered thinking of passwords you can generate a random one)!

The password for your account is salted and hashed and the passwords that you actually save in here are just base64 encoded because it needs to be able to decode them for you to see them and I don't know how to 'unhash' something.


  • add passwords (along with website name/username)
  • show passwords
  • copy passwords
  • edit passwords
  • remove passwords
  • cool fontAwesome icons
  • it's blue

Have fun!

Side note: this uses an amazing simple and easy to use db made by minx28 called easypydb (well named). I use it for all my projects which need data to be saved (even the hugely successful cactus bot). I just wanted to let you know in case you ever needed a really easy to use, great database for your python programs.

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marsbar (11)

SHA for passwords in 2020... and storing unencrypted passwords? uh that's rlly insecure. Use something like bcrypt for passwords and use a good encryption algorithm to encrypt the user's passwords with their master password and then require them to enter that master password every time they wanna see a password so that you can decrypt the password.

CodingCactus (3190)

@ItzMeWilliam well I have no idea what you just said, but at least I'm doing something. Some of these weekly submissions have no encryption whatsoever

marsbar (11)

@CodingCactus That's not good but I'm not tryna be mean or force u to change anything I'm just tryna give advice for the future :D

marsbar (11)

@CodingCactus Just make sure that if u implement a login system in the future, use bcrypt because SHA isn't good for storing passwords. (https://pypi.org/project/bcrypt/)