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Say Hello!
JordynCarroll (7)

"Hello!" I don't know what else to say lol...

JordynCarroll (7)

@techde I'm not blind, but I'm only 11 if that counts?

JordynCarroll (7)

@Vandesm14 How long do I have until this gets taken down?

Vandesm14 (2414)

@JordynCarroll It won't ever get taken down. It'll just stay unlisted until more content/code is added.

Vandesm14 (2414)

Hey, we've unlisted this for now because it looks fairly low-effort. If you edit the description to add more info and/or add more to the code, reply to this comment and I’m happy to relist it!

WyattKinzer1 (2)

I had forgotten how to use the timed waiting. this helped me remember.
thnx :)

JordynCarroll (7)

@Leroy01010 I'm sorry you might think I'm dumb for asking, but What does that mean? :\

Leroy01010 (360)

it might be taken of the talk board because it's low effort @JordynCarroll

techde (99)

@Leroy01010 That's the worst rule on repl ever I hate it when ppl say that something low effort, what if the person is BLIND, or even worse, ppl need to chill the heck out...