SceneMachine: Drag, configure and shoot! (SVG 2D Physics Game)
ggzor (35)


Hi! Welcome to my game! This is a 2D physics game made with SVG graphics.

Play now! (Play in fullscreen mode for a better experience)

Note: This game has been extensively tested on Chrome. I recommend you playing with Chrome as it offers the best experience. It works on desktop only.


Your goal is to find out what has happened to the colors of the planet, New Sphene, and to do that, you have to explore from the deserts of the planet down to its core.

You are not alone in this journey, there is a group of brave volunteers willing to help you. All you have to do is instruct them on how to collaborate together and let them combine their skills to achieve your goals.

Game features

  • 9 exciting and challenging levels.
  • In-game tips, right when you need them.
  • Achievements and special challenges per level.
  • Polished user interaction.
  • Intuitive and easy to use level camera.
  • (Simple) Level cinematics.
  • Progress saving.
  • Hard worked user interface.
  • Animations.


This game was completely coded by me here on the editor. Art and level design was made by @k3ho45. Full credits can be found inside the game. Enjoy!

Additional notes

  • I really hope you enjoy this game, as much as I enjoyed coding it. I have put a lot of effort to make this game a great experience.
  • Sorry for my English™, if you find any typo, please let me know.
  • I would love to hear your comments!

Known issues

  • When performing tests on multiple web browsers and different machines, in very few occasions (extremely rare) the graphics didn't show correctly. Please switch to another browser if you experiment this issue.
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AkhilGupta (16)

@ggzor Nah, t's okay...I have already unlocked everything, so there is no more any motivation to install another browser.

Once again, nice game!
Did you use any game engine/something?

Also, just a suggestion, I found that some of those "tools" were almost never needed. I pretty much completed all the levels with just the "source". And also, the magnet is far too powerful, if one knows what I mean. So, why not make levels which require you to use more than just a source. And also, make the magnet less, "cheat~y".

Another thing. often when shifting the tools (like magnet), it is too easy to instead dismiss them, hence we need to "buy" another one, which is annoying. Maybe this can be improved on?

And, lastly, each level comes with its own challenges (like, don't touch any rock), however, afaik there is no way to know them before completing the level.