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ScrapeR v3 - Unblock reddit through snoowrap!
nithilan4 (89)

I started like yesterday pls don't make fun of my code. Also I don't want to handle your credentials so you won't be able to log in or upvote or anything.

comment for suggestions

TaylorLiang (315)

You should make a tutorial for this.

mat1 (2881)

Hey your code is ugly also I want to be able to log in and upvote and everything

EthanCulp (11)

Umm, I think that was a joke, just saying, don't take everything to seriously @nithilan4

nithilan4 (89)

@EthanCulp my reply was also a joke

EthanCulp (11)

@nithilan4 Was it really? Lol ok sorry for the misunderstanding, I personally thought this was a really good idea and project.

nithilan4 (89)

@EthanCulp I talk to mat on the replit discord lol

AdCharity (679)

You started like yesterday :/

PDanielY (432)

Um can you put the frontend in one folder so it will be easier to read the code

Juice99 (3)

This is really cool!

cybermon (0)

what happened to it it doesnt work. are you editing it?

nithilan4 (89)

@cybermon something errored and i forgot to add a .catch() so the server stopped

Dante_Morrison (0)

now time for me to learn how to web program so it can handle web credentials

AdCharity (679)

What changed from the last version tho? You converte to node.js???

nithilan4 (89)

@AdCharity nodejs, much faster, shows everything on the post list, "show more" button, no weird bugs where it shows the wrong post, looks better.