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PYer (3229)

Tired of typing slower than the person sitting next to you? Have motivation to improve your WPM, and accuracy with Hyper Typer! Complete short typing sessions, and compare yourself to others on the leaderboard.

With all the typing tests around, I decided to create one! The stylesheet was inspired by: https://nitrotype.com, and the random scentences were taken from: https://randomwordgenerator.com/sentence.php. Any bugs with the login are due to repl auth.


Taking summer vacation, and a break from coding. The person who gets the best score after 3 months, will get...

*drumroll please**

1 Cycle

Due to this amazing prize, I expect a massive amount of users! Thanks for reading this, please open the repl and giv it a try! Comment any suggestions, or bugs that I'll never get around to fix.

Once again, I'll try to get back to all notifications after summer break. Thank you!!!

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studentAlfredAl (387)

Chicken Alfredo has entered the chat:


studentAlfredAl (387)

I got an even better score ;) @DJWang

studentAlfredAl (387)

Thanks :)
You are also pretty fast :D @DJWang

DJWang (1127)

@studentAlfredAl Wow! Keep up the great work! Try to beat Mr. E! He is the highest rn.

studentAlfredAl (387)

Oh man, I will never have the same typing average as Mr. E lol, but maybe in 1 year I will get there xD :D @DJWang