FoRtUnE_TeLLeR 🔮 ✨
Bookie0 (2830)

Heerrrrrloooo people!!! :) :D

Come, come, yes all of you, come here if you seek the fortune of ye close ones...

You shall know what’ll happen in seconds, days, years, or even centuries...


Relatively easy, just do what it tells you to do

Comments, tips, suggestions, all are welcome!

And as a closing, remember that upvoting is caring! 😊 😃 🙏

Have a superb day!

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DynamicSquid (2288)

What!? Squid's can't dr

Bookie0 (2830)

Lol... maybe you have to not take it literally.... @DynamicSquid

26pwong (4)

@Bookie0 I think he drowned cuz he didn't finish typing "drown" XD

Cookiezz (63)

@26pwong ye, I agree (lol we same person) THIS QUARANTINE HAS ME MAKING NEW ACCOUNTS TO TALK TO MYSELF... Anyway this is gonna be my main account from now on, so all my trash repls are gonna be in the trashy account cyall around! :)

johnstev111 (263)

@DynamicSquid lol (wait.. you've drowned so you won't reply)

Cookiezz (63)

@johnstev111 He drowned right before he finished his message. lol (or maybe it was just a typo)

johnstev111 (263)

@Cookiezz He did... but taking a screenshot and pasting it and writing What!? Squid's can't dr is pretty legendary for two seconds

CodingCactus (2505)

@Cookiezz don't upvote your accounts with the other account please

Bookie0 (2830)

Wait how do you know that’s their second account? @CodingCactus

Bookie0 (2830)

Oh wait I scrolled up a bit nvm @CodingCactus

Cookiezz (63)

@CodingCactus Oh, sorry, I was not aware that I did that. I have devoted unvoted.. wait how do you say that... anyway I un-upvoted it. 🙂