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firefish (795)

Hello! Welcome to my new program Sequencer! It can choose a random number from a set of arrays, based on the three digit seed. Please read the for more information. Please feel free to fork this repl and come up with your own algorithm, and if the program doesn't work as expected, please uncomment the Debug notes. (They will just print all the numbers). There is a warning on compilation saying the sequence is assigned but never used, but all code is called from the constructor so just ignore that warning. After all, it is a warning, not an error. Hope you enjoy my program!

Fun fact: I have no idea why I called this repl Sequencer. It was the first thing that came to mind when I thought of a set of numbers.

firefish (795)

I've gotten to the point where this low effort post is head to head in popularity with my most high effort one. Don't upvote this.