3D RPG Text Adventure (no .. really, I promise: 3D)
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2. Don't forget to REST when you've taken damage after a fight!

[ STATS: ]
As of 2020-03-22:

  • Over 8,000 lines of complex class-based Python code
  • ~800 total characters created
  • ~80 characters played >= 0.01 day (longer than ~8 minutes)

Hello fellow REPL'ers,

A while back, I shared my initial idea for creating a 3D maze game. I took that idea and combined it with an RPG Text Adventure I've been working on for a while. Here's the result!

NOTE: Game is best played in a full screen window due to the 3D perspective "window" in the upper right corner:

Typical text adventure commands can be used to move (such as north, west, etc), however you can also use the cursor buttons:
Up: Move forward
Down: Move backwards (doesn't change facing direction)
Right: Turn to the right
Left: Turn to the left

While the graphics seem VERY simple, it is in-fact a 3-layer rendering engine. If portions of the first layer are transparent (such as an opening in a wall) then the contents beyond are rendered. This means when you open a door, the contents of whatever is beyond that door will be shown, etc.

Currently, the engine can render: walls, a few kinds of doors, archways, torches, caverns, bridges and more.

Don't forget: You will still need to read the text side of the screen for room descriptions, NPCs and other information.

The RPG includes:

  • Save / restore characters
  • Custom character creation
  • Multi-layer armor
  • Skill-based fighting
  • Tick-based engine where things happen when you aren't typing ("tick" is around 10 seconds)
  • Day / night cycle
  • NPCs can be talked to
  • Quest tracking

Lastly, the game is clearly not complete. I work in my spare time on:

  • add "room objects" like levers which can be pulled or paintings that can be examined, etc
  • filling out the map
  • add more "frames" to the rendering engine
  • add more quests and items (eventually you will leave the Keep to adventure in the Borderlands)

I would guess there's enough in the game to play through the first 30-40 minutes or so (including the rat warrens).

Let me know what you think!

PS: Don't forget to play the game in a full screen / large window:

PPS. If you get injured, use the REST command (while not in combat) to heal up.

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Hashcode (182)

@ShadedFlame Regarding trapdoors: they are located in both gatehouse towers. They can be opened with "open" command.

As for more to the game: Not much more at the moment.
Right now, I'm implementing 1 of each kind of "thing" so that I can proof out portions of the game.

For example:

  • The existing map has doors, locks, vendors, a quest or 2 and several mobs.
  • 1 mini intro dungeon with a mini-"boss" at the end
  • most item types are represented by several items and 1 currently has special "effects"
  • mobs in the game have behaviors that can trigger various events based on conditions.
  • the rendering frame is getting much better and can display many different kinds of terrain / walls / openings (just added the "short wall" at the top of the gatehouse towers).

The next phase of development will be:

  • finishing the initial map for the keep:
    • tavern
    • inn
    • upper walkways from the towers
    • entrance to the inner keep (and it's surrounding areas)
  • adding "room items" to the game. These cannot be picked up, but represent objects that can be manipulated in some way. Examples would be pulling a lever that opens a trapdoor elsewhere in the game or being able to examine a painting on a wall to find out information.
  • adding a LOT more talking information across more mobs
  • the talking information will lead to a total of 20-25 quests