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Shakespearean Insult Generator
LiamDonohue (188)

I sent this to my English teacher lol

itbarsoum (46)

Thou art an infectious half-faced dewberry.

LittleNomster (108)

Thou art a venomed onion-eyed pumpion.

Thou art a beslubbering onion-eyed clotpole.

Thou art a villainous elf-skinned foot-licker.

Thou art a gorbellied common-kissing jolthead.

Thou art a puking beetle-headed bladder.

Thou art a spleeny fly-bitten dewberry.

Thou art a fobbing clay-brained bladder.

Thou art a fawning rump-fed death-token.

Thou art a wayward base-court death-token.

Thou art a churlish rump-fed apple-john.

Thou art a surly ill-nurtured codpiece.

Thou art a quailing elf-skinned pigeon-egg.

Thou art a wayward hedge-born giglet.

Thou art a mangled plume-plucked strumpet.

Thou art a puking clay-brained hugger-mugger.

Thou art a quailing base-court baggage.

Thou art a villainous dismal-dreaming death-token.

Thou art a yeaty sheep-biting strumpet.

Thou art an impertinent boil-brained scut.

Thou art a cockered hell-hated bugbear.

thou art so kind, it is amazing, saving this for english

mdjb4 (15)

Thou art a sumbuggling mother-hugger coffish

merrillUwU (22)

Thou art an impertinent fat-kidneyed varlet.

Thou art an unmuzzled milk-livered ratsbane.

Thou art a bootless sheep-biting horn-beast.

Thou art a clouted idle-headed giglet.

Thou art a bawdy clay-brained baggage.

Vedant36 (0)

Thou art a villainous beetle-headed varlet>

GarrettFong (1)

As Shakespeare once said: good job

Titan_Lord (12)

this is so hilarious!!

sangoL (3)

amazing, who knew insults could be so poetic.
R.I.P Shakespear!

pflash (0)

This is awesome!

MuhammadArshad (7)

It didn't work for me. There was an error.

This was the error.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 1, in <module>
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'termcolor'

richtan (118)

this very cool. great job!

Case_Buttitta (40)

Pretty nice for just but a instructionary writer of the computational machine

HeerokDas (11)

Last year for our shakespeare plays, we just used a random word generator lol