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ShareDoc - Kind of a Google Docs Clone
Jonathan2018 (155)


ShareDoc is a site I finished just today, and it is going to be updated constantly. I took 4 days to make it (and it was pretty worth it!), it allows you to create documents. You can set your view mode of your document to public or private. Public being everybody can see your document on the homepage. Private meaning you can only access it through the unique link that is given to you after you create the doc.


If you are going to run this site, I recommend to run it in a new tab because it will look ugly and weird in the small box. It was not made for smartphones and also not supposed to be displayed vertically on a screen. It will work fine on tablets that are set to horizontal rotation, and horizontal monitors and laptop screens.

Common Issues

  • This project is running on Python Flask Server, so if gives you an error when you open the site, try refreshing... If that doesn't work, then copy the link to the Repl and check back in later (as I may have seen the issue and fixed it by then). The problem is that the server sometimes crashes or shuts down periodically after no traffic.
  • When you are in edit mode, the last time you edited maybe the wrong time depending on your timezone. The timezone is GMT, and most likely you are not using that as the time where you live.

Some Small Requirements

Pick a unique name, because ShareDoc only allows you to choose a name that is not already taken.

Information and Security

Sometimes when you enter your password, Chrome may give you a password breached warning. Just ignore it, most likely nobody is breaching this site. Even there is a breach, you password is secure and hashed (encrypted) by the sha256 algorithm, and so even I, the creator, can't see what YOUR password is.

Features and Other

  • You can access your doc at anytime by going to your document link which you saved or if you set the doc to public, you can also find your doc on the homepage.

  • You can also delete your document by going into edit mode of your doc, scroll to the bottom to the DANGER Zone, then type your password into the input, and hit DELETE DOC

  • You can search for documents on the homepage if there are too many too look through.
  • You can also change your password by scrolling to the CAUTION Zone.

Please upvote if you liked this project
If you have a problem or suggestion, leave a comment regarding it. The best way to improve ShareDoc is to use the advice of our community!
Thank You for coming by to see it!
If you didn't like this, please leave a comment or create a public doc with feedback of how to improve. If you liked it, please upvote this!

ch1ck3n (1296)

Sometimes when you enter your password, Chrome may give you a password breached warning. Just ignore it, most likely nobody is breaching this site. Even if it is, you password is secure and hashed by the sha256 algorithm, and even I, the creator, can't see what it is.

intensely hacks

Jonathan2018 (155)

@ch1ck3n lol, you could 'maybe' hack through it.

codealt1 (3)

@Jonathan2018 it should take a few months or year to decode the SHA family. You should use bcrypt cause I don't trust stuff that doesn't.

GaneshaSharma (43)

um..pixlr used sha512 and got hacked. use sha512+base64+hex @ch1ck3n

ch1ck3n (1296)

@Jonathan2018 but i c a n hex+base64+sha521

DynamicSquid (4566)

Woah, that's cool! Well done!

Edit: Bro, how is everyone guessing my password correctly!!??!? I thought it was foolproof!!!

IntellectualGuy (385)

@DynamicSquid You might want to change the password of that doc you created.

Jonathan2018 (155)

@IntellectualGuy Yea... I was able to guess it too. Oh yea, as of now, password changing is not an included feature. But that's a good idea! Thanks!

DynamicSquid (4566)

@IntellectualGuy Wait what! How'd you guess it?

Jonathan2018 (155)

@DynamicSquid Haha, only way to change it rn, is to copy and paste your current doc to a new one with a different pass, but you need to delete the old one first or else it will give you a 'Doc Title Taken' on creating of your new doc. I will be adding a change pass soon.

Whippingdot (431)

Lul bruh i guessed ur psw too. Check out the changes I made. 😁 @DynamicSquid

Whippingdot (431)

Lul but check out the changes I made @DynamicSquid

Jonathan2018 (155)

@DynamicSquid I added the feature to change your password. Scroll to the bottom of your doc when you are in edit mode. If you want to change it, you will find it there...

TheC0derGirl (108)

lol i forgot the password to my own doc


Jonathan2018 (155)

@Rainbowstuff LOL. I'll change it for you if you want, then you can change it to something else.

TheC0derGirl (108)

@Jonathan2018 ok thanks lol XD
it's called hello. Xd

TheC0derGirl (108)

@Jonathan2018 thanks lol XDD

and chrome asked me if i wanted to save it and i said no-

Jonathan2018 (155)

@Rainbowstuff ok, done! I changed it to Rainbowstuff. You can change it to something else later since everybody can see this. Oh lol.

smoldev (6)

very original and works amazingly

smoldev (6)

@Jonathan2018 thank you for making something like this, i can see myself using this

Codeverse (44)

@Jonathan2018 this app is amazing. One tip tho, can you something can shrink the size of the docs' titles, and enlarge the viewing screen. Still, I can see that you put a lot of effort into it.

snekattack (12)

Browse Docs By Great Minds Like You ahem @Jonathan2018 HAVE YOU SEEN THE DOCS LOL

Jonathan2018 (155)

@snekattack LOLOL, yea that's true, hmmm... what should I change it to?

snekattack (12)

@Jonathan2018 maybe try browse the docs written by the community of

Jonathan2018 (155)

Thank you @DynamicSquid for being the first random person on Repl to create a doc on the site!

MarcusWeinberger (684)

Hey, pro tip if you want to keep your server running even if there's no traffic: head over to UptimeRobot. It's what I use.

Rockstar2004 (1)

Wtf this is incredibly fantastic!

vrishthika (2)

@Gokul24 Do u really have to say the F word!?

vrishthika (2)

@potatojs I live in UAE and the F word insult me.
Do be careful with your words please!

potatojs (822)

@vrishthika lol i'm not gonna say it but just not be so sensitive about it, because you're gonna here it a lot

vrishthika (2)

@potatojs k, lol, just not too much cuz, imma get arested if any muslim sees this. :P

potatojs (822)

@vrishthika yeah i know muslims don't really like this stuff

programmeruser (535)

Little Bobby Tables' plan almost worked, until:

NotTani (77)

Hey! You exposed your secret key in your code -- it's dangerous, because it's pretty easy to forge a cookie and log in to somebody else's account (I can do a proof of concept if you want). I'd recommend generating a new one and putting it in a .env file.

Wilke000 (526)

Three letters:
You know, I might call google docs and tell them to consider adding this to the're platform.

Wilke000 (526)

Ohh yay! I gave this post its 50th upvote!

Jonathan2018 (155)

@Wilke000 Wow! Thanks! Now I will unvote and re-upvote my own repl so i am 50th, lol jk.

Wilke000 (526)


RowanFromBJC (34)

lines 6106-22541 docs.sql
"You like jazz?"

garyyang5 (4)

Make a file

Kudos (105)

387 LOC in python = effort put into this
Sqlite = good (heroku offers 1gb postgresql space for free if you want to try)
Features = good
Layout / UI / UX = little more color, less gray, better font, etc..
This is a project that deserves to be on trending.

Jonathan2018 (155)

@Kudos Thanks for the suggestions!

Bookie0 (5676)

Pretty cool, some suggestions:

Layout looks a bit awkward, maybe change it a little?

Next, the most important thing is writing the doc, so maybe this text field should be the biggest?

Perhaps instead of links you could use buttons:

And there's a lot of white space, try to find something to do with it (background, images, buttons spread out, etc.)

It's a bit spread out here:

And maybe the option to add pictures and colors and text formatting! :D

Jonathan2018 (155)

@Bookie0 Ok! Thanks for the advice! I will see what I can do.

VulcanWM (2285)

Hey I am making a game in which u have to enter a password, I found out a way u could encrypt the password but that involved pip installing. How does sha256 work and can u show me a simple way to encrypt and verify?

Jonathan2018 (155)

sha256 works by putting a string in an algorithm/equation that’s easy to solve one way but not the other. For example, 5 * 123456 = 617280. If we say the password was ‘5’ in this equation, and we only know the other two numbers, doing 617280/123456 to find the ‘password (5)’ is not as easy.

Every time you encrypt the same string with, the hash is different, so the only way to check it, is to use the check_password_hash() function.

This solution didn’t require pip installing for me, but you do need to import.

I used (this didn’t require pip installing for me):

from import generate_password_hash, check_password_hash

To create the hash/encryption, I used


To verify it:

check_password_hash(“Insert_Hash_Here”, “Check_with_this_unhashed_string“)

Let me know if you have any problems. :)

Whippingdot (431)

I am having a challenge. WHO CAN GUESS MY PASSWORD TO MY DOC.

Hint: 1 - It is very simple. In this 'line' itself there was the password written.

BananaJellyfish (149)

@Whippingdot idk which one is yours but is the password wcgmptmd ?

Whippingdot (431)

nope. Also the author name is whippingdot so... @BananaJellyfish

BananaJellyfish (149)

@Whippingdot weird i cant find it. Whats it called? Then i can search for it

Whippingdot (431)

Eh i can't find it who cares the p was 1 @BananaJellyfish

GaneshaSharma (43)

i didn't trust the site's password. i just used a RNG-based password. The command: head -c 512 /dev/urandom | base64

Whippingdot (431)

very tricky password that is. me no uuunderstuuund @GaneshaSharma

Corus (1)

lol my doc keeps getting deleted

Corus (1)

@Jonathan2018 it had SiteIdeas for ShareDoc by Anonymous? The site said that the name wasn't taken the first time I had maken it.

Jonathan2018 (155)

@Corus Hmmm, did you make the document public?