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Sheep Clicker
Lamby777 (59)

Clicker game where you get bags of wool from clicking the sheep or getting upgrades.
Constructive Criticism & Feedback is appreciated.

Miner36 (17)

@Lamby777 The Clicker Pen testing service is here! Get you clicker Pen Tested!

Nanowrimoijk (41)

dexies blessing needs to go up more so you can keep going! and a way to turn off the music.

XavierDD (91)


No cheats....

Lamby777 (59)

@XavierDD Nice!
Wait, how did you take this picture? The link has replit in it so I'm thinking it's a button in the player?

Nanowrimoijk (41)

@XavierDD yeah i did that too its pretty easy too

Auhsoj1 (9)

My auto clicker is of use here...

Lamby777 (59)

@Auhsoj1 The ID of the click area is #clickspace :)

Lamby777 (59)

sorry about the NaN / Infinity wool bug, I removed the save feature and I'm planning to make a PHP account system

JacksonPhilips (62)

I found a bug. When it saves my progress and I return, I get an infinite amount of wool.

Lamby777 (59)

@JacksonPhilips Thanks, but I knew about that. Back when I was making the save stuff, I forgot that this was uploaded lol.