Shiritori Word Game (v1.0.0)!!!
IreoluwaRaufu (204)

The (almost) final version of the Shiritori Game that I have had in development for the past 3 weeks now!

This version includes a difficulty scaler and a stats page that prints at the end of the game.

I've implemented the base for the code that will eventually be the two-player mode, but that's still a work in progress.


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a5rocks (732)

Errored when pressing enter on difficulty selection... maybe it should default to medium?

Also, I'm of the opinion the game shouldn't exit at the end, so you can see all the stats over time, which is pretty cool :D

IreoluwaRaufu (204)

@a5rocks hmmm, that's a good suggestion! Should I add a menu option to view stats while playing the game?

a5rocks (732)

@IreoluwaRaufu Well not while playing but after / before a game would be great!

Also, I thought of something like an optional timer. You know chess timers? Where you start with a large initial amount and gain some extra amount every time you finish a turn? Something like that might be nice to include though I have no idea if it would work.

IreoluwaRaufu (204)

@a5rocks That's sounds like a great idea, but I have no idea how that would work in a command-line setting like this.

There is a word timer in the original game though, where the faster you type, the more points you get. The original is here ->

Thecrowbar1234 (124)

@IreoluwaRaufu You can use a module called threading to do this. Threading allows you run command line code at the same time.

IreoluwaRaufu (204)

@Thecrowbar1234 Oh, so I could have a line that runs a countdown while the user types a word? Hmm... I'll try that, thanks!