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Simple Calculator
hayaodeh (183)

I'm learning how to code more with Timmy and this is a simple calculator we built together.

Zavexeon (1034)

Nice. :D

Hi, Haya. Been a while.

hayaodeh (183)

@Zavexeon yeh I know. I've been taking some time off. and now I'm back 😬

Zavexeon (1034)

@hayaodeh Same here. Been a few months since I've been around here. :P

Otherwise that number by my name would be a lot larger.

kingjames_i (1)

Awsome! I wonder if you can add exponents and square roots.

hayaodeh (183)

@kingjames_i maybe that can be my next lesson with @timmy_i_chen

DJWang (1129)

Sweet! Good job! (Can I fork this?)

hayaodeh (183)

@DJWang of course! you don't even have to ask!