Simple music quiz
SBCKing (10)

As the title suggests basically just a music quiz that chooses a random song which you have to guess.
I used completely random dummy song names and artists so if you are going to play keep handy.

if someone could create a list of songs that people will actually know that would be great.

Use preset username and password : John , [email protected]!

post any bugs or improvements you have in the comments.

update: fixed a crap ton of bugs should all work now


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SBCKing (10)

@AdCharity Right get you . so if you create an account now, refresh then login again your new username and password wont be stored. Got no clue on how to deal with that other than storing the usernames on the cloud which i've got no clue on how to do either. A way around would be to just fork this and run yourselves.