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ArpanDhatt (157)

This is my submission to the AI Competition. This is program which categorizes your drawings into 100 different categories(Read categories.txt for a comprehensive list). This uses Tensorflow.js to run the neural network which I trained using Keras. To make the pie graph, I used p5.js. Also, fullscreen the page to get the optimal experience.

Let me know you think!

themaka (186)

This is really cool, @ArpanDhatt! It was interesting to watch it update as I added to my drawing.

At full screen, the wheel covered part of the drawing space, but I used control+minus to shrink my text size and it displayed ok then.

ArpanDhatt (157)

@themaka yeah, my css isn't great. If you open it in Repl, you can fullscreen it there and it will be larger.

Coder100 (12443)

This is awesome! Why the underscores though?

rorysharp (30)

How did you get a keras model to work with tensorflow.js? That is something I have tried and failed to do in the past

laurajames (1)

Very addictive to play - nice work!

joshwood (117)

I can't seem to get it to work. The pie chart stays blank after I draw something. Then when I click clear, I can't draw again.