Sneak Peek
ManharRavipati (46)

I am here for a announcement. I created a game like mincraft story mode. If you don't know how to play,you play by choosing your player's choices. My story is about you as dectective solvng a case of a missing cop! Through out the story you will have choices to decide! This story release date is expected to be at January 2020. I also planning on to make a sequel! But in the mean time here is a Sneak Peak for Dectective Case.(P.S The story is called Detective Case!)

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DJWang (1127)

@Ragingfury Go to the "Share" section in repl talk, then go to the search bar at the top, then type in "Forest". My project will be the one with the moon and night emojis, and should be a few posts down.