New in Basic: Sound, high resolution, and clean syntax
amasad (3268)

We're approaching 1.0 for Basic so I wanted to do a big final push before I lock the features and start focusing on fixes and performance enhancements.

In this release:


Now you can play sounds and music in Basic. There are two APIs, one that plays a note, and the other plays a frequency.

play "C#"
sound 400

The repl below implements a kind of piano using this API.

Refer to docs for more info.


You can now increase the display resolution and even remove the pixel borders.

display 500, 500, false

The new display is implemented using Canvas which makes it much faster and smoother. You can even right click and save the resulting image.

Thanks to @MrEconomical, @AmazingMech2418, @SpicedSpices, @AdCharity, and @turbio for help in this.

Cleaner syntax

Line numbers are now optional! You can leave them out and only use them when using gosub or goto. See the program below as an example.

The one last thing I want to do here is to add named labels so that, if you wish, you don't have to use line numbers at all.

Gimme bugs

Please report bugs or any issues you see. Try to especially do high resolution graphics stuff and let me know if it works well.

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JordanDixon1 (456)

So is this the only thing that allows for audio on Or could we add support for pygame/python? I was hoping I could play audio files on Python.

AllAwesome497 (378)

@JordanDixon1 You can! I have a post here detailing it.