Realtime file updates
amasad (3079) now will sync your files in realtime. It even has a neat little cursor for when the system is giving you file updates 🤯

Try forking this repl, running it, and going to henlo.txt to see it in action:

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Septem151 (1)

So something in this update may have changed, because I'm unable to even create files in Java programs. It apparently gets created because subsequent calls to "createNewFile()" indicates that the file already exists, but upon refreshing the page it creates the file again as if it never existed. During the whole time, there is no file (or folder) present in the left-hand window.

amasad (3079)

@Septem151 hey there. Can you share the program that you're speaking about?

Septem151 (1)

It’s affecting multiple repls, but this one prints whether the file is created or not.

amasad (3079)

@Septem151 Ok, we'll debug and get back to you.