IP Grabber - Fork and change the link title!
MarcusWeinberger (585)

Ever wanted your own IP Grabber? Well look no further!


  • Unlimited unique individual tracking links - generate as many as you want!
  • Discreet error page - redirect users to a Google 404 page
  • Grab IP address and User Agent - learn more about your target!

Coming Soon:

  • Multiple campaigns - no longer shall you have to save your many tokens to a text file. see the results of all your links at once!
  • Custom redirects - choose where to send your victims after their IP has been pulled

Disclaimer: This tool was made for educational purposes and educational purposes only. Do not send grabbers to people you don't have permission to do so from. I do not take any responsibility for any actions taken.


I highly doubt this is against Repl's ToS. The majority of websites you visit log a lot more data than this, and a lot more personal.

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RayhanADev (401)

So, this is kinda not right. I mean people can use this to steal other’s IP and the fact that you made it and shared it isn’t cool at all. Is this in violation of Repl’s ToS?

CSharpIsGud (595)

@RayhanADev I'd bet my money that it is.

MarcusWeinberger (585)

@RayhanADev this demonstrates the dangers of clicking random links. it shouldn't be a violation of Repl's ToS, because I guarantee you that the majority of websites you visit log a lot more data than this

CSharpIsGud (595)

@MarcusWeinberger Yeah they do, except they are usually somewhat known websites that would be easily held accountable if they did anything super bad with it, compared to some random person on the internet.

MarcusWeinberger (585)

@CSharpIsGud Anyone can create their own website, a static page hosted on netlify, a full grabber on heroku. There are hundreds of IP Grabber templates and projects on GitHub. There is nothing illegal about them

CSharpIsGud (595)

@MarcusWeinberger Yeah that's true, though the tos of replit could still have something against them either way.
Most people these days should have dynamic ips anyway.