OneShot | 🚀Online Space Shooter 👩🏽‍🚀 | 📱Mobile Friendly
IbraheemRodrigues (89)

🎮Play it here. Now mobile friendly!

❤️One Life.🔫One Shot. Survive
In this game you must try to survive the longest using only one shot. Online Multiplayer, so invite some friends to play if theres no one else online.

⌨️ Controls
[WASDQE] or Arrow Keys - Move (Q&E to strafe L&R)
[Spacebar] - Shoot
[H] - Show/Hide flight guide (i.e controls)
[X] - Suicide

🔄 Tilt - Move and change direction. The more you tilt the faster you go
👇 Tap - Shoot

Any feedback/suggestions greatly apprecieated

Made in JS using a nodejs server (see this wonderful tutorial by Dan Shiffman if you want to get started) and p5.js for client side rendering (also checkout Dan's channel for everything p5). Sounds made using Bfxr. Art style a la the amazing Captain Forever.

📖Checkout the devlogs - Day1&2, Day 3&4

The web window below is not the best place to play it, open it in a new tab for the full experience

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IbraheemRodrigues (89)

@Sofia_Ortega You can currently see your coordinates in the top left, the world size is 5000 so the x and y can be anywhere between -2500 and 2500. However the programming convention is that (-2500, -2500) is the top left corner, so bear this in mind.

I may add a map, however I think the coordinates do the job, and the radar arrows around your ship point you to others. Thanks for the suggestion though!