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SURVIV3.IO announcement: Due to the crazy amount of homework I am getting, we will be unable to continue until summer break. That's around august as the official re-working of the game. Have fun and stay safe!

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Hopefully, I didn't forget anyone lol

Please tell others!

We are still accepting new members btw!!!


There is absolutely no way development will ever stop. There are only breaks.


Thank you all for the support and ideas! We will keep them in mind as we work in the summer! Also, here's the discord server if anyone's interested: click me!


Big brain idea I just got unity what if we made in unity!!!!!!!

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Sorry but...
where do you learn Game Development with javascript??
plz answer!
i need to make games to make some upvotes


@Coder100 Whay is this?


@Coder100 ik this but what link should i go?

Coder100 (6543)

you can start with the basics, they have a canvas tutorial which is basically the game part @Zuhdi28


@Coder100 oh k


@Coder100 sorry about this 🙄


@Coder100 sorry but i read the basics one but...
There is no canvas part