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tussiez (184)

This is my take on a Minecraft clone! This game was built with Three.js and JavaScript Modules and in a worker.

Coming Soon: Inventory, Better Slabs, Crafting, Multiplayer

How To Play

Click on the crosshair to lock your pointer
W A S D to move around
Scroll to change block
Space to go up
Right click to place, left click to break

UPDATE 10/21/2020

I've just added an inventory! Press E to open the inventory. You can move around the sword in it right now, but tomorrow I'll add the hotbar functionality and block support. All 48 in-game items (items folder) have been uploaded and named, so inventory is really almost done.

  • Fixed jumping (used to infinitely fly)

Q and A

  • How do I change block? Scroll up and down.
  • It's so hard to look around. A: Make sure your pointer is locked(click)
  • It's so hard to place/break. A: It is a bit difficult to break/place on a touchpad. Try a mouse.
  • Why is it taking so long to place/break blocks? A: Please use a different computer.
  • Why can you jump so high? A: I'm lazy
  • Why is the sand biome all slabs? A: I need to fully implement half blocks
Surfit (6)

May I take the time to applaud at his wonderful coding skills. Give this guy a few more years and Mojang will hire him.

TravisRaney (1)

@tussiez come to my happy birthday coder100 replit

merrybot (3)

the water doesn't flow?? also where's all the lava hiding underground?

Leroy01010 (373)

RIVER water doesn't flow in minecraft @merrybot

Superblammao (6)

@merrybot i dont think he has lava blocks yet, but i relly would like to see them in the game :)

KobeFF (443)

lagggggggggggggggggggggggy but very very nice

KobeFF (443)

@tussiez I can't wait to see the finished outcome!!! It must've taken forever, with all those files.

KobeFF (443)

BTW, your js skills ate MIND-BLOWING!!! I can hardly create a clicker game lol 😂

Jeydin21 (38)

Wait so, this wasn't coded on, so does this post count? Technically, your post is just a website with a link to your GitHub project.

RayhanADev (376)

@Jeydin21 Hmm, does this count? This does bring a good question. You can’t even play it in Repl, so is this even viable?

tussiez (184)

@RayhanADev I was having trouble with Repl early on because kept crashing on me, so I moved it to GitHub. I will make the necessary fixes to get it working again.
I made most of the game on though, so I thought it counts.

RayhanADev (376)

@tussiez yeah it’s cool. I was just wondering if it was a thing that people actually allowed.

tussiez (184)

@Jeydin21 Fixed the bug, it works now


i would like to give suggestion that gives specific properties to tools like in official minecraft pickaxe can break cobblestone easier than any other tool

tussiez (184)

@TANMAYBAGADIA Sure! I've already gotten a ton of items drawn out (haven't added though - need inventory)


@tussiez good , keen to see the new changes

TinaChen4 (13)

How do you craft things?

tussiez (184)

@TinaChen4 Inventory almost done...then crafting!

XxMustardCatxX (1)

keep going just a few more years till you get hired by mojang and all the game businesses will be wanting you in their ranks

WyattKinzer1 (4)

i started playing and this happend lol

it stayed like that tho whole time. i was so confused.

WyattKinzer1 (4)

this is really cool. are you going to add survival too? because that would be dope.

tussiez (184)

@WyattKinzer1 Thanks! Survival is in the works - we're finishing inventory and getting to crafting

NoahSyn10 (1)

This is pretty awesome! I'm aiming to mess around with 3D graphics like this pretty soon. Love the "physics" btw. Really though nice job!

CalSchwick (1)

Better gravity would be cool, other than that its good!

Angelbros32 (3)

why dont it load?

Angelbros32 (3)

no it just don't load the server @tussiez

LOGO923 (2)

Sick!You should make it live so you can batlle other people and make sheeps. but otherwise its pretty good.

tankerguy1917 (40)

this is pretty cool. i really like how i can fall through the world and get into caves while the chunks are loading in

Superblammao (6)

this is a great game :)

Superblammao (6)

@tussiez i was thinking, maybe mobs? or lava?

tussiez (184)

@Superblammao Yeah, I was thinking about how to deal with water physics