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Space Invaders
Foster_Bryant (65)

PLEASE play this game :( I worked for 4 days on it. This is my first game in pygame. It is space invaders but a little bit different and as your score reaches a certain amount your ship changes it's looks. If you die after your score has reached 50 you win, if your score is less than 50 before you die then you lose. The controls are displayed when you get passed the start menu . It's kinda laggy on Also I commented out the audio because it doesn't work right now sadly. Enjoy!

UzayAnil (19)

For your first PyGame program, this is impressive.

Foster_Bryant (65)

@UzayAnil thanks. pygame is too confusing sometimes haha

UzayAnil (19)

Never Mind, it doesn't work on replit. @Foster_Bryant

Foster_Bryant (65)

@UzayAnil lol it's fine. I'm working on a live stock price webscraping program right now, since yahoo finance api limits api calls lol. What r u working on?

UzayAnil (19)

Not really too much, I update my tetris game yesterday. If you want to check it out, here you go .while your at my account, also check out some other stuff. @Foster_Bryant

AllAwesome497 (274)

Yeah, sadly does not support audio yet, afaik.

Foster_Bryant (65)

@AllAwesome497 Yeah Thx for being the first to comment :)


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DJWang (439)

I love this this is AAMMAAZZZIIINNGGG