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SpeedCoding V2
AtticusKuhn (236)


Coding in as few characters as possible, or codegolf, is an established sport in coding. I have never seen a competition to code as fast as possible, however. This is where SpeedCode comes in.

Why V2?

I knew that it could be improved, so this version contains more features and content.
it has new features such as

  • Now supports 4 languages (javascript, python, PHP, go)
  • Now has 6 new challenges to try.

Features carried over from V1

  • Live leaderboard
  • millisecond precise timing
  • A wide array of challenges
  • Active developer
  • Login with Repl


I am excited to see how quickly the coders of repl can type

Axrevyn (180)

This is challenging, and I've only managed to do one.
I'll keep going at it

AtticusKuhn (236)

I don't actually know go or PHP, but I think the eval works.