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Spicy Art Gallery #WEEKLY 9
SpicedSpices (218)

This is my first time participating in a weekly challenge and this one seems fun. What I did was create a flexbox with a column direction, then made 3 other flexboxes inside that flexbox, and in one of the boxes inside that flexbox, I put an image. For the other 2 empty boxes, I made it empty with a background, adding a bunch of negative space to the screen.
Each box has a border, the images have colorful gradient borders, and the empty box, has a grey to white gradient border.
For the background, I created a canvas fixed to the screen, and made triangles of varying size and speed move across the screen, when each triangle gets to the end, a new one is made at the beginning. This canvas design looks pretty cool in my opinion.

This is what I created for the 9th weekly challenge. The challenge was to create an art gallery.

Thank you for checking out this Repl.

If you enjoyed it, an upvote would always be appreciated. If not, please tell me how I could improve this Repl in the comments. Thanks :)

DannyIsCoding (523)

This is the spiced spice spicier than the spieciest spice I have ever spiced

eekboi (272)

The puns in this posts comments are pure gold.

DynamicSquid (2673)

@eekboi I find them a little eeky

eekboi (272)

@DynamicSquid That's... What a power move you just made me forget how to talk.

Coder100 (4393)

Uggggh how am I supposed to compete with something this superior? I might as well delete my post lol Here's an upvote!

SpicedSpices (218)

@Coder100 thanks for the upvote but no dude everyone has a chance in weekly challenges. Good luck on your posts :D

CodingRobot12 (189)

Cool gallery. It really matches your repl name.

ChezTacoz (274)

Those look like some spicy peppers

CodingCactus (2824)

wow that is some spicy stuff!

ZDev1 (367)

idk y u made dis

SpicedSpices (218)

@ZDev1 i made this for the weekly challenge

SpicedSpices (218)

@ZDev1 ? im confused whats wrong

CodingCactus (2824)

@SpicedSpices lol zuhdi seems to not read the post and just comment randomly on posts sometimes

CodingCactus (2824)

@ZDev1 well um you seemed to have no clue what was going on here when it was explained in the post