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Stable Python DOS Release- Benzene 1.0
LimanData (31)

Renamed Benzene, the Python OS has undergone another round of revisions and debugging sessions. This is the first stable release, with functional documents, applications, and a new boot sequence. If you do find any bugs, issues or problems, feel free to tell me! I'm fairly new to Python, so any tips/comments are helpful. c:

AgastyaSandhuja (149)

did u copy discords lines for the part after log in...?
anyway, good job

Codemonkey51 (836)

You CANNOT make a real os with python

Warhawk947 (519)

allan please add details

Epicmuffinepic (60)

Great job keep on working!

adityaru (150)

You didn't share the repl with me

LizFoster (605)

@LimanData Very nice! Quick question though, what timezone is the Date Time set to, and do you have a programmed way to change that time?


fake os moment

cozycolin (5)

you should add the command help to display the different things you can do because once I got stuck on a screen not knowing what I could do.

xxpertHacker (382)

@MrEconomical I stopped reading after the import os. @LimanData You do realize you can't run Python without an OS already, right?

LiamDonohue (286)

This is even more amazing then the original. upvote deserved

LiamDonohue (286)

wow the boot up sequence