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Stay Hydrated!
BananaSoul (37)

This code will tell you about hydration. You should be sure to drink AT LEAST 10 cups of water a day!

3465728974563 (50)

Well actually you don't need to drink '10' or even '8' cups of water a day. The truth is that although everyone 'knows' that your supposed to drink 8 cups of water a day, that's actually not true. In fact the body has a system to combat dehydration. It's called thirst. The real time to drink is when you feel thirsty. People have been doing it for millions of years.But you might say that it's fine to drink too much water because then you'll just pee more. But the truth is that while exercising your body goes into a conservation mode. Studies have shown that runners have actually gained weight while running marathons because of how much water they were drinking. Instead of dehydration we have a new problem rising; over hydration. Over 12 people have actually died because of drinking too much water. All of this information was found at Adam ruins everything

AdCharity (1307)

@3465728974563 When you feel thirsty you're probably a little late to the drinking water.

Luxi (8)

@AdCharity - Let me ask you a question: would humans have adapted over thousands of years to feel thirsty when they need to drink, so they know when to have some water to stay healthy; or would they have adapted to feel thirsty when they're dehydrated, having to guess randomly when to drink so you don't feel "thirsty"?
From Google, the adjective 'thirsty' means having a need to drink. This shows that humans have adapted towards knowing when they need to drink rather than having to chug water they don't need all the time.

AdCharity (1307)

@Luxi By the time you feel thirsty you are dehydrated. Look it up. The first thing you see is a Baylor study for saying by the time you are thirsty its late. Frankly, you going off of your second hand knowledge obtained from 6th grade science class isn't going to cut it. If you don't know what Baylor is, maybe you should stop pretending that you have some great medical knowledge when you don't even know some of the better colleges of medicine.

Mendelevium (39)

This is so true @AdCharity,
Finally someone understands how to stay healthy

3465728974563 (50)

@AdCharity He's not trying to sound smart or anything, he's just using information that was available. Stop being a jerk and leave them alone because they did nothing wrong.

AdCharity (1307)

@3465728974563 I am simply reflecting the tone that is given. I know what he wrote, and I wrote an accurate and intelligent response. He even decided to write the definition of thirsty. Give me a break. If anyone is being a jerk its @Luxi and you for not reading.
Edit: I just want to point out that there's no real reason to argue. Everyone needs different levels of water based on their genetics and environment. But as a baseline, I'm pretty sure @BananaSoul's numbers are fairly accurate.

Luxi (8)

@AdCharity - Sorry with the bad tone (I'm not very good at handling social interactions :/). I wasn't claiming to know medical knowledge (I don't have it), I just looked some stuff up on Google added with my own opinion, so I'm sorry if I sounded harsh/'braggy'. :)

AdCharity (1307)

@Luxi don't sweat the small stuff. Happy programming

AdCharity (1307)

@DaDyShades lmao this thread is kind of done right now. And really, please read it before making your judgement (I find it somewhat hard to believe that you read through every comment here).

MerlinKnight (157)

You should use a procedure so that it can loop.

Me54321 (10)

How much water does a kid need?

kidgaming46 (13)

If you put 16 then it says that you need some more water.

BananaSoul (37)

If you don't enter a numeral it crashes. Idk why.

3465728974563 (50)

@BananaSoul because it can't read a string that's not a number. Your trying to make it read text but it can't decipher what you're trying to say from just words.

Luxi (8)

@BananaSoul - It is asking for an integer (a whole number), so it looks for one. If your answer is for example 5, it works, but it wouldn't work with "A" as that is not a whole number. Different types are used for code such as;
abc = 1
if abc > 0:

If instead, it was a string, it wouldn't work; as it couldn't compare a string (probably expecting words like 'And' as the input) to the number '0').

Luxi (8)

@BananaSoul - No problem :) By the way, you can use =< or => to say 'equal to or greater/less than'. Alternatively, you can still use > or < but use the number below the one to encompass all options you want. Example:
slicesOfPizza = 8
if slicesOfPizza => 1:
--slicesOfPizza = slicesOfPizza - 1
--print("All out")

Instead of "=> 1", you can also put ">0". The second would put everything greater than 0, which is 1, 2, 3, etc. just like the first one would.

Just thought I would say, because you did >10 and ==10 as separate functions.

metaflee (1)

@BananaSoul You can raise an exception and tell the interpreter how to handle it. Find the appropriate info on the internet :)