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Stop Animation - Moral of the Story | Ep2 !!!!
ChezCoder (1594)

Hello, welcome to my new series of stop animations with python! This is episode two. If you haven't watched episode one, click here! Have fun watching :D

Missed Episode 1? Dont worry, click here :D


Hello, would you like to be part of the next episode? Comment below the theme you would like the next episode to be and the one with the most upvotes will be chosen! Your name will be included somewhere in the animation along with your chosen theme! This episode's them was chosen by @Bookie0: ChIcKeNs

P.S. Check out @Bookie's very impressive rocket animation by clicking here!


OMG OMG OMG, IM 3rd on the leaderboard!!! I want to thank everyone for your support, without you guys, I wouldn't be here :D



CodingCactus (4089)

Well my suggestion is: cacti and deserts!!!

Wilke000 (513)

lol @CodingCactus can it be an angry cactus: ┗|`O′|┛?


@CodingCactus Well that makes sense! You are a cactus!(right?)

Bookie0 (5645)

Oooooo check kenos!!!! lol i love it its super cool! You really make great ‘videos’!

👌 super!

AtriDey (171)

@Bookie0 Whoever came up with the topic is an absolute genius :D

ChezCoder (1594)

@Bookie0 did you find your name in the animation?

ChezCoder (1594)

@Bookie0 pleasure doing business with you! XD

Bookie0 (5645)

Ya, hope one day we can do collab!:)))) @ChezCoder

ChezCoder (1594)

@Bookie0 you know what? why not that day be today >:) Im creating a python multiplayer game, care to join?

ChezCoder (1594)

@Bookie0 basically a multiplayer 2D sandbox game

Bookie0 (5645)

Ok, invite me but be warned I’m not that pro... ! @ChezCoder

Bookie0 (5645)

Ok i will wait for ur invite :) @ChezCoder

ChezCoder (1594)

@Bookie0 my computer finished restarting :D

ayush2007 (42)

I was confused for a second what had fallen then I understood wonderful expecting more wonderful like this

math_genius (7)

"after BUYING a package of FREE chicken"
Seems legit.
You still have my upvote though.


wow i like Ep2 !



@ChezCoder YES I KNOW!

LukeBinder (3)

Did he die, or pass out?

ChezCoder (1594)

@LukeBinder just got angry, not to worry :)

Axrevyn (281)

I still upvoted and still had a ball of letters fall beside me while I held a package of free chicken.

ChezCoder (1594)

@CodingCactus @CodingCactus oh god XD, thank you for ReplTalkPostAnnouncer for calling me out :D

LoganSpong (53)


DannyIsCoding (697)

I want to make a intro for one of my repls. Could I use some of your code? I'll mention you, of course

Bookie0 (5645)

Hey ChezCoder, just saying that someone named ARRIZABOY invited you to a multiplayer repl to learn turtle. Just saying, from prior experience, he isn’t that good of a teacher, and also he copied one of my repl. The decision is yours, but just saying... :)

Kubilayen (0)

I have concept idea: Will you marry me theme? Developers can use for future.

TheForArkLD (760)


If you now under the flying ball then you get poop and flying ball on head

DynamicSquid (4602)

theme of next episode: who let the dogs out?

BobTheTomatoPie (3193)

This is really talented, I know stop-motion is tedious, but this has got to be way harder, amazing job!

JeremyIrwin (42)

"Don\'t stand under a bunch of letters while holding a packet of free chicken." - Ghandi,maybe, I think

DannyIsCoding (697)

Here's an idea for the next episode: A goose that appears out of nowhere and starts terrorising that guy or is just really annoying.
Moral: Don't interact with annoying geese even if they're awesome

P.S. I love this animations. They are so cool!

bigchungusmc (79)

I have a theme: the wild west. upvote if you agree that it is a good theme.

Wilke000 (513)

By the way, I want the next theme to be

Wilke000 (513)

@ChezCoder, we can't see your profile pic

CodingCactus (4089)

@IndyCarter that's because their picture is literally just a white circle

Wilke000 (513)

Wow, I never thought of that

SotoAyam (12)

My suggestion: baby trees

08KINPLIX (78)

Lol btw are you on right know

ChezCoder (1594)

@08KINPLIX wow, congrats! Heres an upvote to make you closer to your dreams :D

08KINPLIX (78)

@ChezCoder thanks do you want to work more on the game engine

ChezCoder (1594)

@08KINPLIX sorry, im busy with homework, Im just browsing repl talk