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Store Your USERNAMES!!!|| ( Or whatever you want to )
Funkus (77)

So you can store your Usernames here and it'll be there pretty much forever.

You can also write anything you want (but make it kid-friendly please). i.e. no swear words, etc...

Other people can see your comments, so plz don't put private info.


eekboi (171)

I could sequel this in python :)

(code here lol)

ggg = input("What is your username?")

with open('usernames.txt', 'a') as f:
Funkus (77)

@eekboi Well, in java u gotta' add more "stuff" lol

Funkus (77)

To experience less lag, don't type in a LONG Random WORD like skdkowjdoewjdjwqjojsowejodjqwodjoeuowqjzoiqwjosuqwdjo. Yeah, don't spam letters.