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Story of Herobrine: Episode 2 (Full Game)
NoNameByProgram (16)


Story of Herobrine is the prologue of Herobrine, but in a Minecraft: Story Mode way.
Founded by Leroy01010 and helped by me, we made this second episode. The cast is also named after coders on

Episode 2's About

After getting kicked inside the portal from Coder100, you end up in the mysterious Nether.

Your Choices Matter

Depending on what your choices are, there are consequences.


  • Leroy01010
    • Founder
    • Coder
  • NoNameByProgram
    • Coder

If you encounter a bug, comment the bug and I will get to you as soon as possible.

Leroy01010 (62)

put the link then we might see it