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StoryBored.Tech - The Solution to your Quarantine Boredom because of Corona (JAM Number 9)
piemadd (62)



I decided to make StoryBored.Tech because in order for people to prevent Covid-19 from spreading, they need something to do while they isolate from others. Each feature was implemented for a different reason, each from a different part of my heart. If it weren't for this community and staff of, I may have never been skilled enough to do anything like this. ILY All no homo tho <3


Landscape Viewer:

In the landscape viewer, whenever you refresh the page or press the button at the bottom of the page, you are presented with a new beautiful landscape from the planet we live on. Many people that are prone to the virus are older, some of who are in their final days. Because of this, I wanted to give them one last chance to experience the outdoors, from the comfort of where ever they may be. These images of nature not only calm me, but also everyone I show them to.

Random YouTube Video Viewer:

During these times where we are bored at home, we generally run out of the things we enjoy to do. Because of this, I will generally just browse YouTube randomly. Even so, I run out of things to watch. My solution to this is to create a way to get random videos from YouTube, and to present them to the viewer. Please do note that they are truly randomly selected, and though they are guaranteed to work, they are not guaranteed to be appropriate for all ages or in your native language. This one was for the curious, those who always want to learn something new!

Random Location Viewer on Google Maps:

This next one is for those who like to explore. Finding a new place to possibly visit, or just to look at from you computer, is always nice. This is why I decided to make a nice little system which shows you a random location around the world. There is a chance you will just end up in the middle of the ocean (lol), but that's just how it is.

Live Animal Cameras:

To inspire the young-lings who want to learn more about animals and watch them for hours, or just for people who want something cool to put up on their television, I made this next item. There are 10 animal cameras to choose from, each of a different type of animal. All are free to watch, and also all are live. All cameras are courtesy of the San Diego Zoo.

Daily Updated Statistics of the Virus in the United States:

This page is to keep people around the world updated on the statistics of the virus in a clean format. Before, I was using data collected by my brother in a google sheet, and then displaying it here in a cleaner format, but he then revoked my access to the sheet, so I am now using an api, which a link to is on the page.

What it is Built With/Demo:

For this project, I used a back-end written in Python 3 using Flask. I could have used DJango, but I know flask better, so it was easier for me. The code can be viewed below. Additionally, you can also view a video of me demoing it here. The demo is running here.

Epicmuffinepic (63)

This is pretty cool. Keep on working!

piemadd (62)

@generationXcode it was free from the github student pack lol

generationXcode (285)

@pieromqwerty yeah, even I got it. But I'm not using it rn. There are so many free domains included

piemadd (62)

@generationXcode yeah, i think like 3 or 4 lol




@pieromqwerty wanna do a html together, I just started one


@pieromqwerty also hoe do you get the hacker icon on the bottom right of your profile pic? I want one

piemadd (62)


piemadd (62)

@LOLLIPOP06 I would, but I have personal projects which I am working on. Good luck though!

piemadd (62)

@LOLLIPOP06 The hacker icon is achieved by either registering as a verified student (through the github student pack if i am correct) or by buying the hacker plan.


@pieromqwerty I was looking through my account and it says refer friends to get hacker days or something like that

piemadd (62)

@LOLLIPOP06 Im not sure how that works

alvinneocom (5)

i love it, would rate 11/10 but only 10 points