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🖱️💻 Subscribe To Users 🔔📧
PYer (3019)

Hello everybody! I (PYer) have been working on a way to subscribe to other users for a long time now, and I'm finally done! Now, you can use my new discord bot, and subscribe to people via discord direct messages!

How do I do this?

Easy! First of all, open up discord. In a channel where you can use robots, use the command s-sub <user>, with the user as a parameter! You will now receive a dm when the user posts something on repl talk, within 10 seconds.

I accidentally subscribed to somebody!

No problem. Using the command s-unsub <user>, you can unsubscribe from anybody!

How many subscribers does somebody have? Just curious.

With the command s-subs <user>, you can view the user's subscriber count. Dedicated to those people who like competition! :)

I have another question not listed above

Well then, leave a comment.

Thank you, everyone, and I hope you like this system. With any feedback, please comment below. Thank you!

JustinMok (2)

it would be pretty cool for repl to add rss or some sort of api for community shares so you wouldnt need to use that messy dom manipulation in bs4

TheDrone7 (938)

But what happens after I subscribe someone.

TheDrone7 (938)

Could you also make a leaderboard.

PDanielY (960)

I am banned from the discord server :C

mkhoi (259)

I don't have Discord :(

PYer (3019)

@Imkhoi i may add a way to enter your email in a site to receive notifications

mkhoi (259)

@PYer that would be cool