Superhero Generator
indominus123 (21)

Randomized Superhero!
This is my first python creation.
Clear the outcome and run again to re-randomize

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JordanDixon1 (444)

Superhero Generator Ultimate Super Infity Deluxe
Your Superhero Name is Cyclone Rocket
Your Superheros Statistics are:
Strength: 19
Endurance: 115
Virtue: 57
Wisdom: 188
Your Overall Power is: 379
You are Division B: You will protect us against monsters that threaten communities. You shall also help dealwith major terrorist groups and threats and help against dangerous individuals on the loose. Go on Hero...
Your Superpowers are Incredible Combat Skill and Dashing Good Looks!
Your Weakness is that you have a Low Self-Esteem
You will help us in our dark times and us good citizens shall look up to you in great admiration and love. We will always support you and we will sing songs in your name and erect statues in your honour. Go on Hero...MAKE US PROUD!