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Survey & Web Server (first persistent-state program!)
pyelias (1773)

A survey I made, that uses one of my web servers for persistent global state (everyone who runs it can see what everyone else did). I believe that it is the first program like that on this site.

If you just want to take the survey and look at query results, just type s, fill out the info, and then run it again and press q.

If you want to write your own queries, look at query.txt for a tutorial/docs. If you don't understand, you can shoot me an email (address below).

Suggestions are welcome!

If you are interested in making something like this, like if you want a leaderboard, or sharing creations, etc., email me at [email protected] and I'll help you out.

haya (8)

very cool repl 👏

amjad123 (2)

This is a really cool hack! I like the DB API

jfftck (3)

This is cool, but it uses an external website.

You should check out Graphene and GraphQL for sending DB queries.

pyelias (1773)

@jfftck: The external website was made by me for this project.

jfftck (3)

@pyelias: Just saying that the title is misleading since it does not say external persistent state.