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Survival game web app
sj42 (35)
Finished (bug reports are welcome)

JerryTheMouse (4)

when i run the code i get this

File "", line 92
print(items[3] - )
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

sj42 (35)

@jerrythemouse: Thx. Reload the page. It should work

boi352 (14)

not a web app, you should post on the repls column

heyitsmarcus (325)

I will say this, "You have found some metal!" followed immediately by "You died" for no reason is great!! XD Cute little game!

PYer (3449)

@heyitsmarcus: I got the same message. But for other items to like water, wood, and food.

Rapax_Brak (3)

This is not a web app, post on repls.