Custom Keyboard Typing Setup
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Have you ever seen stenography keyboards? They allow specially trained stenographers to type really fast. But they're not typing individual letters, they're using multiple keys to type "sounds" which then get compiled into words. For one, this way of "typing" only works on special keyboards as normal keyboards will limit the amount of keys pressed at once. There are ways to get past this limitation, but the current options are limited. This way of "typing" is meant only for capturing spoken words really quickly, not really for general/conventional word input.

Typing position

I have built a system that allows you to type really fast (after learning of course). This is not your basic keyboard layout like QWERTY or Dvorak. It's an entirely new set of key combinations to produce the same letters you can on a normal keyboard.
The system works by forcing the user to only the top key row "qwertyuiop". Your 5th finger on your left hand goes on the "q" key and your other 5th finger goes on the "p" key. You rest your thumbs on the "g" and "h" keys.

How it works

My keyboard system is faster as there is no hand movement at all. Your fingers and hands stay at the same spots while using the keyboard. This eliminates the wasted time for moving your hands and fingers around to type a word. Don't get frustrated while learning, it'll take time but you'll get it. It'll feel easier and faster soon enough.


Typing takes a bit to get the hang of. I have included a cheat sheet which works like this: You first pick the key you want to press (top label). You then find the bottom label of that key, and press those keys at once and release. For example: to type the letter "w", you'd press the "w" and "u" keys at the same time then release them (space and backspace are also included in the layout, but aren't required).
I have set it up in such a way that inserting and deleting characters works. It works just like a normal textarea, except it's modified to my custom keyboard system.

Feel free to share how your learning is going or if there is any problems with the site in the comments below. Thanks!


I will give you a sort of demo with the keyboard. On the left will be the phrase to type and on the right will be the keys you have to type (at once).
Hello World: RU U RO RO P GO WU P Q RO RI
Keyboard: QI U EP WP P O Q RI

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