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firefish (532)

School has finished! I thought I might share this because of it.
The All-of-zem project, (as the name vaguely suggests) is a project that writes the same program in as many different languages as possible! You can make suggestions for languages to add, and programs to add as well...

How it works

So you connect to the server URL Ya, I learnt node, just lemme carry on, then it'll give you some instructions!
For example: will take you to the tester game in C#. Note, you put the program name, then the extension of the code file in that language. You can also view it using which will return JSON, in the format below.

    "program": "[Insert the name of program here, aka the first part of the URL]",
    "supports": [
         "Extension of first language that this program has been written in",
         "Extension of second language",
         "Et cetera"

Like that. Also, I made a console client in node as well! You have to copy and paste the content of client.js into your own repl in order to run the client, you can't run the client and the server at the same time on the same container... -_-.

Hope you like it, suggestions are free!

It seems that everyone is called Squid now, no clue why
Bookie0 (3953)

I must say that it's sad the school ends tomorrow...

um, why?

It seems that everyone is called Squid now, no clue why

um, since when, why, and example please?

Codemonkey51 (867)

ProgrammerSquid and DynamicSquid @Bookie0

Bookie0 (3953)

oh ive never heard of programmersquid, but also that barely proves why 'everyone' or many people are called squid lol @Codemonkey51

firefish (532)

@Bookie0 I mean ComputerSquid and squidcoder

Bookie0 (3953)

oh, but why do you think many people are called squid? @johnstev111

firefish (532)

@Bookie0 also have you had a look at the actual program

Bookie0 (3953)

well its kidna not really true @johnstev111

firefish (532)

@Bookie0 Assuming you mean kind of and not kidnap or echidna Well just type @squid. There are so many people with the word squid in their name. You didn't answer my other quesiton

firefish (532)

Also, big credits to @TheForArkLD for uh... teaching me node? You Could Say? Not exactly Corrrectə, but you get the idea.

firefish (532)

@TheForArkLD Thank you! Sorry if it's braking, I'm doing some critical changes, but more-or-less it should work now, check out the code too ;)