VolantOS - An operating system made with Volant (Check the jam section)
CSharpIsGud (588)

Okay, so I'm sure you have all seen ReplOS a while back. I decided to give OS Dev another shot, except this time I'm using a jam language (Volant)!
I'm not part of the team of Volant but it seems like a neat low level language.

What this is

This isn't one of those fake operating systems you see that simply chain a bunch of if statements together, this is a real functioning operating system you can compile and run on a physical computer!
I installed QEMU(x86 emulator) on the repl so you can simply press run and see how limited it is right now.

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potatojs (801)

TRUE but i thing i start understanding how to get a lot of upvotes..

  • fancy titles
  • share it when everyone is not sleeping aka the afternoon
  • and be kind in the comments because sometimes people upvote just because you are nice with them and they can unupvote just because you are not kind with them