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elipie (372)

The results

Before we get into the results I want to say that I hate judging, and I wish everyone could get something, though no one sponsered this, and I do not have that much money lol. If I had enough, I would give participation prizes, but idk(pencil case! :D).

The actual results

  • 2nd @fuzzyastrocat! With: 24 points
    @fuzzyastrocat made a great tutorial on how to make a programming language in C. Great tutorial, I gave this one 2nd because honestly, it helped me, and it could really help other people. You can find it here

NOTE: Not saying that that CookeyLang Tutorial is bad, fuzzy's tutorial just helped people actually make a language, like cookey.

@Coder100 made a cool tutorial on his own language, you can view that here

Other participants!

I wanted to also show the AWESOME people who participated in this Tutorial Jam!

  • @JBYT27 With: 20 points
    Are you learning python? This tutorial will help(although i suggest you learn something else ;)) his amazing python tutorial
  • @KobeFF! With: 15 points
    Are you on a school computer? Well their tutorial will help you get blocked websites unblocked using repl!

  • @Squirrel777! With: 15 points
    Heya, are you new to Then check out this great tutorial to help you get started!

uh if your too bored to read the stuff, uh, bookie0 won

I tried to give everyone one five on something(i think i succeded) and yeah.

This jam was a great time! I loved reading your tutorials, and I hope you post more(who knows...part 2?)


Ok so some of you guys think you should get a better score. This is nothing but my opion. You guys are entitled to your opion. So you can believe what you can believe.

And I am guessing, that bookie wants discord nitro since he already begged me like 10000 times

Some of you may think @fuzzyastrocat should have won.

Yes their tutorial was really really really really good. But some parts were hard to understand(readablility). Not all but some. Sorry if it was my lack of understanding stuff, but I try to look from a beginner side of view. I know that tutorial was not for beginners but I meant for beginners of language-design. Sorry if I just made a bad choice.

RayhanADev (1391)

Lmao, I’m 4th place and then everyone else below me is unranked xD. GG @Bookie0 good LOLCODE tutorial lol.

Bookie0 (5645)

lol yaaaaay
btw I think your repl is private

thanks for nitro :)

elipie (372)

@Bookie0 expect it to come in 3-7 days

Bookie0 (5645)

@elipie cool, need my discord? it's Bookie0#7538 if you need it

btw repl is private i think its 'refusing to connect'! ;)

NoNameByProgram (195)

sad i couldn't finish game
it had too many bugs

RayhanADev (1391)

Everyone who participated gets a Furret sticker:

elipie (372)

@realTronsi well, he should have gotten first right, but it was a bit hard to understand at times. and that was one of the requrements. sorry @fuzzyastrocat

fuzzyastrocat (1504)

@elipie @realTronsi I made the tutorial assuming intermediate to advanced programming knowledge (as stated in the intro), so I figured I'd get dinged on that. Unfortunately there's only so simply you can explain this kind of stuff :P

fuzzyastrocat (1504)

@elipie By the way, where could I clear things up (so I can improve the tutorial's readability)? It's hard to judge something if you've spent a lot of time on it so I'd like to see an outside opinion.

realTronsi (901)

@fuzzyastrocat personally for me it was easy to follow (probably because I'm biased and I already know how language dev works) but tbh language dev isn't one of those concepts that can easily be expressed through a short tutorial.

fuzzyastrocat (1504)

@realTronsi Huh ok. And yes, the idea of this tutorial is just to give a taste of how language creation works not be a comprehensive guide.

realTronsi (901)

@fuzzyastrocat okay, maybe that's where you lost points then

not be a comprehensive guide

fuzzyastrocat (1504)

@realTronsi Eh, I mean being a comprehensive guide with respect to langdev means being an incredibly detailed tome while being a taste means a regular tutorial, but maybe that was ellipie's rationale?

realTronsi (901)

@fuzzyastrocat I mean I guess you might've got points deducted because you had some huge code blocks that might've confused ppl

fuzzyastrocat (1504)

@realTronsi Hmm, I tried to explain all the code as detailed as possible but maybe? I dunno

realTronsi (901)

keep in mind at least 70% of users on here are beginners @fuzzyastrocat

fuzzyastrocat (1504)

@realTronsi Well yeah, but there's only so far you can go to try to get around the fact that langdev is a complicated thing

fuzzyastrocat (1504)

@realTronsi I mean, I'm not saying it can't be done, but it hugely sacrifices the brevity of the tutorial since you have to cover so much.

elipie (372)

@fuzzyastrocat sorry :(( I feel bad to everyone who didn't get a prize I was trying to look at a beginners point of view on lang-design, it was really good, and people could easily understand it, but idk, some parts were hard to read for me idk if thats just my ADHD Then I saw you say what to improve? Well, it is really good the way it is, just (you do not have to change this btw) some paragraphs were super long, and that was a little hard for me to read (because I often get lost when there is a bunch of sentences infront of me) and last thing:

Eh, I mean being a comprehensive guide with respect to langdev means being an incredibly detailed tome while being a taste means a regular tutorial, but maybe that was ellipie's rationale?

Am so dumb... smh I should've had more judges so we can all see whos best. It probably was just me. :((( overall sorry. :(

fuzzyastrocat (1504)

@elipie Hm ok, I'll try to break it up some more. (What was your point with the last thing again?)

elipie (372)

@fuzzyastrocat Oh I meant that there should have been more judges so it would be a fair vote, then we would've chose the winner from all da votes tallied up.

programmeruser (527)

@fuzzyastrocat well, I could do a simplified rewrite of your tutorial in Python...

fuzzyastrocat (1504)

@programmeruser nooooooooooo langdev in Python is horrible nooooooooooo