Encrypting text with python! (*no imports*)
Dart (1134)

So I was messing with base64 encryptions

and a thought came to me, "what if I tried to make this" so here is my amateur approach to cryptography by doing it manually.

or it could be a cypher idk dont yell at me

with this program you can encrypt a string and decrypt it with no imports at all! send secret messages to your friends, hide important information in plain sight, make funny comments! the possibilities are endless*

the program will also put your encryptions into text files line by line in order to so you can keep track

anyway I hope you enjoy! -Dart

* possibilities may not be endless

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MarcusWeinberger (678)

Technically that's not encryption and I'm unsure if it can be called a cypher. Check this out, https://repl.it/@MarcusWeinberger/hackerman-crypt

Dart (1134)

@MarcusWeinberger I had a feeling I was wrong lol, thanks for the info