Text Based Adventure, In a Kitchen, to make a Sandwich.
les4 (7)

This is a classic text based adventure game inspired by the likes of Zork. Type in commands to attempt to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, Vegemite Nutella and Goat Butter Sandwich, or a tasty Bowl of Cereal. Beware that it is possible to die in this dangerous quest so don't do anything stupid. I wish you luck on your quest!

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les4 (7)

Have you guys beaten the game? If so what are your scores? @AdCharity @DouglasCovingto @JayRoy

DouglasCovingto (4)

I made a good ole pbj sandwich and got 111 [email protected]

DouglasCovingto (4)

I killed myself by dropping the knife on my [email protected]

les4 (7)

Nice! Also LOL about that [email protected]

AdCharity (1245)

@DouglasCovingto same but only after I left the fridge open too long

JayRoy (3)

I did try multiple times but I havent yet. I will check back to c if I can. @les4

Keoxi (1)

@les4 i know you didn't ask but i got 146 by making a bowl of cereal.