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Text based game engine colab
Haaruun (48)

I have a idea for a text based game engine that uses yaml files to make a game, you then would be able to post it and others would be able to play it and post there scores to a leaderboard

If you know python, and can make a basic game try and join, ill teach you what you dont know

sanjaykdragon (167)

why not json instead?

Haaruun (48)

2 reasons. one yaml is easier to read for non tecnical people. and 2 it just has more complex datatypes @sanjaykdragon

sanjaykdragon (167)

@Haaruun what more complex data types does YAML have?

Haaruun (48)

@sanjaykdragon it lets you make your own, and it has multi line strings

sanjaykdragon (167)

@Haaruun json also has multi line strings, you just need to parse it correctly (use \n). Also I still don't get your point about YAML being able to make "complex data types"

Haaruun (48)

@sanjaykdragon an example of the datatypes is you can add a marker for scientific notation and when you parse it would convert it to an int. annother example is it allows for linking between objects or a simple class system.

Haaruun (48)

@sanjaykdragon the multi line strings are better to:

data: |
BLag lorem ipsum
you can have tabs to
it stops when you tab out
other: var

never mind tabs dont show up

cozycolin (1)

I would like an achievement if you study every year through primary and secondary school. Called "stop studying!"

Haaruun (48)

Its full now, pyleas nathanp and roberto joined first