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TextAPL V 1.3 Alpha
AbhayBhat (28)

My application(created in java) which features all my "big/important" programs that I have created, my new Addition for the 1.3 Alpha version, ~~Hangman~.


Tell me ideas for new games or other stuff in the comments

Tell me ways I can improve this for the Beta version and the final version(1.3)

Remember: Up voting is caring


TheForArkLD (217)

Can i help you?

TheForArkLD (217)

@AbhayBhat You invite me to your project

AbhayBhat (28)

@TheForArkLD I was asking how will you help me, will you add more apps to it, make it look better?...

AbhayBhat (28)

@TheForArkLD I am really sorry but I was kind of hoping to create this big application all by myself. WE can work on other projects together if you want but this one I really want to be my own project. Really Sorry.

AbhayBhat (28)

@TheForArkLD Let me know if you want to work on anything else

TheForArkLD (217)

@AbhayBhat Ok and i invite to my project for your app

TheForArkLD (217)

@AbhayBhat wait please teach java to me
how to run shell command by java