Repl Appreciation
DJWang (1229)

Hello Replers,

Today I've got an important announcement.

@amasad and @hayaodeh thank you for creating and allowing thousands of users to freely code on the web browser. If it weren't for you guys, I would not have been able to code at all! I owe you a big thank you! team, thank you for supporting the users when they have problems every day, and when there are any problems or spam posts, you take care of them right away.

Repl Users, thank you for creating Repl posts and engaging in repl activity so everyone can have a great time! can allow you to code using a web browser, and can allow you to post your projects. is my #1 Website right now! I'm so glad exists! I owe everyone a huge Thank you!

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Highwayman (1357)

Thank you for sending a regular email to update replers on the current stuff going on in
Thank you for creating challenges, giving people either a chance to expand their horizons or have something to do.
Thank you for making multiplayer, so replers can collaborate with utmost convenience and speed, promoting what is probably an extremely important skill and practice in replers.
And thank you for being on, It’s a good feeling to know that you actually know what’s going on in the site.