PyCalculator [200 Cycle Special]
CoolJames1610 (646)
Since PyChat is taking so long, I decided to come up with this!


written in under 100 lines of code lol (i waffle - this is surprising!) clap for me XD

There are many calculators on but mine is a bit unique?
idk lol
First project I've shared without MongoDB oooooo

( <-- must add ) or error (try it!)
** Indices or Exponent
* Multiply
// Divide
/ Divide (returns float)
% Modulus idk (returns remainder)
+ Add
- Subtract

(5 + 5) * (3 + 98)
= 1010

It uses BIDMAS (Brackets Indices Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction) - idk how i did it but it works (must be the eval :/)

out of division and multiplication idk one comes first - okay apparently it doesnt matter

Please upvote :D

Since I have got 200+ cycles lets just pretend it is my 200 CYCLE special XD

If any calculations don't work then please say! thanks :P

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