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The AI Answering Machine
DJWang (1358)


This is an awesome game, where my AI Sausagebot will answer ANY kind of question or statement that you put in, only it answers in the sausage language. This is so amazing, and I spent almost my WHOLE life working on it! This is truly the best game EVER!

Guys, this is the most advanced project yet! I can't believe how AWESOME this is!!!


One day while writing my math homework, I got really confused with a problem, and I thought, "Wouldn't it be awesome to make an AI that can answer any problem?" And a magic genie appeared and asked me for a wish. I wished that I had the power to code a robot that can answer any question. However, it had to be in the "Sausage" Language. I thought it would be worth it and I had a universal translator with me. And I set to work!

Things you will need

  1. You will need your ears.
  2. You will need to have the Sausage Translator (There is a really good one on amazon)
  3. You will need your mouse to click the "Upvote" Button.


Thank you fingers, for letting me type the code
Thank you math, for letting me come up with the idea
Thank you Genie, who made my dream come true.


First the screen will show something like this: ">>> " Then ask any question or statement and press enter. Be careful: The answer will clear in about one second, so make sure to take a picture of it before it disappears. Next: Type the answer from the picture into your Sausage Translator, and BOOM comes your answer!

Praise for "The AI Answering Machine"

@Foster_Bryant (Star Wars Fan)


Keep your promise and upvote this!

DJWang (1358)

@Foster_Bryant Do you have the mouse to upvote it?

DJWang (1358)

@Foster_Bryant You should have the Sausage Translator with you!

mchapy1 (18)

What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
Answer: Sausage

AtriDey (171)


      /  \      
    /< () >\    
   /  '--'  \   
  /          \  
 /            \ 
MrMinimax (147)

sausage traslation

AtriDey (171)

Sausage 2.0 has a 10% chance of something extra cool epic.
If you get impatient, just spam.


this isn't even funny, do people just make garbage posts like this to get more internet points that do literally nothing?


@mat1 didnt you say on the other post to not make spam posts? this is a prime example of a spam post

mat1 (4363)

@sanjaykdragon nah. I only consider posts that contain no relevant content or are annoying as spam. This post is a parody, and I wouldn't delete it unless they did something like posting it a ton of times or only provided the Repl without the post. Some people consider different things as spam though, so I see your point.

Foster_Bryant (97)

@sanjaykdragon Rude. But I see your point mainly repl talk is full of random console games or it's everything everyone else is doing so they can get cycles. I usually don't post my projects though.


@sanjaykdragon Its because internet points are valuable to these people

amasad (3248)

@Foster_Bryant why don't you post your projects?

DJWang (1358)

@amasad Because he is an undercover Falken

Foster_Bryant (97)

@amasad I am shy. I only post some.


@amasad probably because actually good projects get ignored, but some hello world garbage gets all the upvotes

amasad (3248)

@sanjaykdragon Mat already warned you about the language that you're using to describe other projects. I'm not sure why you're so mad, you're chatroom got a good number of upvotes and comments.

You're banned for at least a month.

ChoppaLoover10 (0)

@amasad why did u delete his account

amasad (3248)

@ChoppaLoover10 I didn't. He deleted his account and then signed up again to get around the ban to leave a comment here.

His ban was just on talk, but after he did this move he earned himself a hard ban.


@amasad Why does his ban repl say "Banned for Banned user"?


@DJWang which one?