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The Best Way To Code (Joke)
Edgod (58)

How to write code in the most cursed way. Using C++, I've renamed every token and keyword necessary to print "Hello, World!\n" using different variations of the word "yeet".

EchoCoding (252)

Haha! Love this! I'll have to try this sometime.

SPQR (414)
this.willToLive = ~WillToLive()
ash15khng (393)

Seen this on r/ProgrammerHumor but ok
Still cool tho

AdriannaBordona (1)

I went through those thirteen lines of code reading each version of "yeet" with the emphasis added by the capital letter. I was not disappointed

noah427 (3)

is there any other way to code?

RoylatGnail (74)

@noah427 yes. This is joke by renaming certain keywords in order to make it run. However, you can just simplily search up C++ hello world in order to find out how to code