Brawl Stars Battle Simulator
SilentShadowBla (503)

Brawl Stars Battle Simulator Game

All brawlers are in the game
Realistic Brawler Health and Damage
Functioning decently

May ADD:
-Boxes to open
-Balance Changes

Please GIVE FEEDBACK if possible and also report bugs!

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MarcusWeinberger (183)

The Computer used their Basic Attack dealing 1792 damage.
[Player] Health: 924
[Comp] Health: 130
What do you want to do?
1. Basic 2. Super (3/5)
Your brawler Pam uses their Basic Attack dealing 1820 damage.
[Player] Health: 924
[Comp] Health: -1690
It is the Computer's turn
Calculating move........
Predicting your next move............
The Computer used their SUPER Attack dealing 1850 damage.
[Player] Health: -926

[Comp] Health: -1690



SilentShadowBla (503)

@MarcusWeinberger It says you won cuz comp's health was below zero first

MarcusWeinberger (183)

@SilentShadowBla yes but the game continued while they had negative health.

SilentShadowBla (503)

@MarcusWeinberger sorry, im a beginner ill try to fix it